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I would like to share a story with you in hopes that you will not make the same mistake that I did. After graduating from college, I recently got a new job and decided that it was time for a new car.

I looked around and decided that I wanted to buy a 4 wheel drive vehicle, a Nissan Murano. I went to a Lou Fusz Nissan dealership off of Olive and

Lindbergh to look around. I knew that on all of their pre-owned vehicles

that there was an "Engines Forever" 3-day Money Back, No Questions Asked, Guarantee. It was posted all over the store and on every one of their websites. I asked the salesmen about the guarantee and it was stated to me that it includes every pre-owned car on their lot excluding, "As Is"

vehicles. He stated something like. Don't worry, Lou Fusz backs up all their cars. Well, that was okay about the "As Is" part because the one I wanted came with a warranty so it fell under that guarantee. I negotiated with a certain salesman for the price of the car I wanted and thought, why not, I can always take it back within 3 days. So, I bought the car. The next day I noticed that I really didn't like the visibility of the car, or how it handled. It was too big for me. I don't think I want it. So, I contacted the sales manager who in other words told me that they never put that piece of paper in my contract and since I didn't notice, there was nothing that I could do about it. He said that he would exchange the car for another one if I wanted but I would have to title and register the vehicle first. Yeah right... I returned the car to the dealership in an attempt to talk to the sales manager in person about returning it and he told me that since I attempted to return the car, he didn't even want to speak with me. He went and hid in his office and locked the door. He also told me that as long as my car was on their lot, point blank, anything could happen to it, anything, anything at all and they wouldn't be liable for it.

I spent 4 days of my winter vacation arguing with a car dealership that did not honor its own sales agreement. Now, I have to sell the car and lose money because I don't feel comfortable driving it. They tricked me. Bait and Switch, I guess they would say. So, it goes without saying.If you are happy with a purchase, you tell a friend, but if you are unhappy, you tell everyone you know.

Monetary Loss: $23000.

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They were running a promotion over the week-end (3-25-10 to 3-30-10). Deal was made on 3-27-10 - co-signer was not available until 3-29.

Went in and guess what - credit was denied (even thou we were told on 3-27-10 everything was fine and approved) but told "Oh by the way, they could get us into a different car". (Can we say bait and switch). We said forget it just give us back the paper work that was signed and the rejection credit report. After much resistance (realizing we were not going away) they gave us the paper work).

Guess what - they didn't even run the credit on the co-signer, they had no intention of honoring the 'deal' they made on 3-27-10. I will be filing a complaint with the Attorney Generals office and I hope anyone else who has a complaint does so as well.

to Rude Lou Fusz Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #665911

Every sales manager is a liar

When an issue arose re my car I was told to "leave the store".....

After having bought TWO NEW CARS THERE IN 3 YEARS!!!!

Insulting...go somewhere else most of what say tell you are false

To get you to sign!!!!!

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