First, let me say that I purchasd a 2004 Dodge Stratus from what recently became Lou Fusz Fiat (same family, different store- but same *** problems). I feel the need to share this so that anyone else out there looking to buy a car stays far, FAR away from them.

My credit is horrible, but I had a decent trade in and they were able to work with my with the financing (I got a Buy Here, Pay Here deal). On the outside the car LOOKED to be in great shape- but beauty, as they say, was only skin deep. The DAY I picked up the car and drove it to work, I stopped at a light- and the engine died. Took it back the next day, they looked it over- found NOTHING wrong with it! Figured it was a fluke, and it didn't happen again for several months (it happened several more times over the time I had the car). Also the brake warning light came on- apparently they didn't bother to check the fluid levels before giving me the car, and the brake fluid reservoir was almost empty.

If that wasn't bad enough, about 4 months after I bought the car, the power window switches on the driver's side suddenly collapsed into the door. I wen't back up to Lou Fusz and asked the sales rep "So, is there any way you could fix this for me? I mean, I just signed the paperwork a few months ago. In the rudest tone I've ever been addressed in by someone in costumer service, and while her boss was sitting right across from her, she told me "You are expected to maintain the vehicle while paying it off."


So I learned how to take the door panel off and I fixed it myself.

Then it got better. My A/C and heater suddenly stopped flowing through the forward vents, and only flowed out of the defroster vent on the dashboard. So in order to have A/C directed to me, I had to duct tape a clear plastic vent cover (like you use in your homes) over the vent to send the air back towards me.

All this culminated when, less than six months after paying it off, the engine blew.

Lou Fusz are nothing but liars and cheats, who sell you *** cars that won't last so you will hopefully come back and buy from them again, because you think you have no other choice. Stay away!

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